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Last updated: 8/16/20

Fridays and Mondays at the Pink Galleon
1243 Castillons Arcade Plaza (at Olive & Fee Fee)
Creve Coeur, MO 63141

Singles Tournament at 7pm and Doubles Tournament at 9pm every Friday
Starting 1/1/19 entries will be:
$6 entry for Singles, $11 entry for Doubles
The exta $1 goes toward Points Qualifier Tournament payouts - Details below *
All entry fees go to payouts, In addition:
Money added for doubles: 6 - 10 teams: $25 added, 11 or more: $50 added
Money added for singles: 11 - 15 teams: $25 added, 16 or more: $50 added

Come work on your game! Tips, Practice, and Pickup games
Tyipically starts at 7pm, end times vary.
Contact Kevin Toy at STL Foosball Group on facebook for more info

Fri, July 3rd - 7pm Singles / 9pm DYP - Pink Galleon
Fri, July 10th - 7pm Singles / 9pm Bring - Pink Galleon
Fri, July 17th - 7pm Singles / 9pm DYP - Pink Galleon
Fri, July 24th - 7pm Singles / 9pm Bring - Pink Galleon
Fri, July 31st - 7pm DYP - Pink Galleon
Fri, August 7th - 7pm Bring - Pink Galleon
Fri, August 14th - 7pm DYP - Pink Galleon
Fri, August 21st - 7pm Bring - Pink Galleon
Fri, August 28th - 7pm DYP - Pink Galleon

* Qualifier Points - Points accumulate for each $1 added to entry fees starting September 1, 2019
Each extra dollar collected goes to the payout in the next and 4th Open DYP Qualifier Tournament. Due to COVID-19 the date has been postponed.
To pay reduced entry in the Qualifier Tournmanent you must have played 10 times for either event (1 event = 1 point = $1)

If you have not accumulated enough points to qualify you could still play in the qualifier tournament by paying double entry
20 times gets you FREE entry! All extra money collected goes to Qualifier tournament payouts
Total money accumulated and player points will be posted here and on facebook
Points and adds will be kept separate for singles and doubles

DYP:   Partners are assigned to each other at random (draw your partner)
Pick:  Players called out at random choose their partner out of the players still available
Bring:  Bring your own partner
ROTO:  Partners must switch positions after each goal
Handicap:  Players with local points of 1550 or higher must score 6 to win. All others win by scoring 5
Pro/Am:  Lower rated players are teamed up with higher rated players for a doubles event
No Rollover:   Rollover shots are considered illegal and as a penalty, Postion goes to the
     opponent's 5-bar or the opponent can decide to keep the ball where it lies.

Join Stl Foosball Group on facebook for results and last minute information
Tournament Results posted at NetFoos.com weekly